Columbia(MPA) to Cambridge(MBA)



1. 企業文化一般


  • Artefacts- Physical. Behavior, Verbal
  • Espoused Values
  • Basic underlying Assumption


  • Selection :
  • Top management action
  • Socialisation:
    • Stories
    • Clarifying the psychological contract
    • Mentoring


2. トヨタ文化からの学び 

Force of Expansion

  • Impossible goals
  • Local Customization
  • Experimentation


Force of integration

  • Value from the founder
    • Tomorrow will be better than today
    • Everybody should win
    • GEnchi Gennbutsu (Visit factories and dealers)
    • Customer first, deler second, factory last
    • Up and in people management
  • Open cpmmunication
    • Everyone knows everyones business
    • Disseminate know-how laterally = yokoten
    • Give people the freedom to voicecontrary opinions
    • Have frequent face to face interaction
    • Make tacit knowledge explicit
    • Creat support mechanism


Toyota’s characteristics that seems to be contradictory

  • Toyota move slowly but it takes a big leap
  • Toyota’s operation is efficient but it uses employees in inefficient way
  • Toyota is frugal but it splurges on key areas
    • There is no private space for each employess
    • It invest a lot on manufacturing facility, dealer networks and huma resource development
  • It requires to communicate in simply way. But ttheir network is complicated.
    • They foster informal ties in very different ways.
  • Toyota has strict hierarchy, but it gives employees freedom to push back.