Columbia(MPA) to Cambridge(MBA)


What do we learn in global marketing?

Today's lectue is about an introdcution to the global marketing.


What is marketing? - To make long story short, it is delivet the value to the cusotmers

Then, how can we summerize "gobal" marketing in one word or short sentencce- It is "change"


What does change means?


In global marketing concepet, it is adoptation to local needs while maintaining some global common aspects.


There's a lot of example, that fail to adapt to local market such as Wal-Mart.



The link expkan the failer in Germany but I think Wal-Mart is struggling to expand their buisness in Japan. I clearly remember taht my mother said the way Wal-Mart displayed their products is too mesy, so she felt unconfrotable. Now, I have stayed in U.S for a year and U.K for more than 6 months, I have became bit familar wtih the display, but still feel wared.


Then, in global, merketing, adoptation is quite important. But, key question is,


  • Where/where to standardize or localize
  • And, to what  extent

This is because localization cost us a lot while global uniformazation increase the efficiency of marketing.

  • Culture
  • Legal
  • Political 
  • Technology 
  • Physical 
  • Economic

We have to consider these aspects and think about which aspect to localized and which aspects to sustain global common aspects. 


Let's see what I can learn from next class.